My job is so varied and thats largely why I love it. Just recently I was harnessed into the back of a van shooting millions of pounds worth of super cars, the next day I was peacefully in my studio shooting sweets for a 14 year old girls start up business. Often one job can lead to another, I’ve been shooting a lot of scooters recently too and that led onto this portrait session.

Have Vespa will travel

Having scouted out the perfect venue for the shoot I arranged a time, set up my background and lights and waited for the sound of a 2 stroke engine to appear.

We had loads of fun during the shoot, I brought along some Northern Soul to dance too and I chased them round a car park with my camera to get some action shots.

Mod photoshoot Manchester

If anybody else would like a photoshoot with your scooter please get in touch. From a mods point of view Ill go to the dark side and photograph motorcycles too. Just before lockdown a did a great portrait of the Road Wizards Motorcycle club, I’ll post that soon.

mod portrait with scooter
mods dancing
mods riding a scooter

Scooter Racing

I’ve always been involved interested and involved in all kinds of motorsport especially in the classic side of it. I have spent many hundreds of happy hours at the side of the track photographing events and also on the circuit, racing.

Just recently there has been quite a lot of interest shown in my old film photographs from the BSSO British Scooter Racing Championship. I’ve competed in this and photographed it for many years. There is a great new book coming out featuring my film photographs and also there has just been an article on scooter racing in Scootering Magazine.

The book is due out very soon and has cherry picked my best. Scootering have just published some are not being used in the book

Please follow this link for more Scooter Racing images.

scooterring magazine
Vespa racing
Lambretta Racing
Lambretta Knee down
Scooter Racing
Norrie Kerr
Scooter Racing
Baiting Dam Hill Climb