Photography has been my passion and my job for more than 20 years. Over this time I have built up an understanding of what my clients want. Companies and individuals employ me and come back time and again for creative, high quality, reliable work.

At TSP, we specialise in commercial and media photography; and over the past 20 years have worked with performers, actors (famous or budding), authors, musicians, celebrities, fashion brands,marketing agencies, libraries, art galleries, festivals, business professionals and event coordinators

I understand that in the corporate world every angle must be looked at to keep moving forwards.

In this day and age a professional Internet presence is a must. This is where TSP comes in. I offer high quality, creative (sometimes quirky) images to establish your brand in the marketplace and set you apart from your competition.

Personally, I have a depth of knowledge and experience which gives me the confidence to know I can tackle any job with professionalism, offer very competitive rates and always give the client what they want. much of my editing is also done in house to keep teh costs down but the quality high.

Another of my strengths is to be calm under fire and under any circumstances, producing high quality, reliable, creative imagery. This tenacity I feel has come from a few different angles.

Professionally I shoot around 15 weddings a year, earning me many accolades including “UK Wedding Photographer of the Year” a few times as voted by industry professionals. To shoot a wedding to this high standard time and again requires planning, professionalism and creativity compressed into a short time frame – working with people who are not models or professionals themselves, but want that perfect day capturing with passion and with no excuses about the light not being right or the bad weather (or any other thing that a wedding can throw at you!). These shoots demand you to work round any problems and on the day be unobtrusive yet approachable. It is this experience and attitude that benefits me and my clients in the corporate world.

 In my personal life I enjoy a range of sports and hobbies, such as climbing and motor sport both of which demand and reward calmness – again this carries over well into my professional life. I race in the European Scooter Endurance Racing series on a classic Lambretta for Team Scootopia.

TSP has a fully equipped and state of the art studio, situated in the town of Uppermill, in the heart of picturesque Saddleworth. We are conveniently located in the foothills of the Pennines, close to Manchester, and not far from the M62, Huddersfield and Leeds.

The studio is on the ground floor of a large, rustic weavers cottage, (dating back to 1802). The building is charming yet has been fully renovated and redesigned for purpose.

 Being positioned in the countryside gives many attractive places for us to shoot various clients’ work projects. Often we are able to shoot in nearby Manchester for an edgy, urban location setting and move to the expanse of sweeping moors, leafy glades and open water in the same day, all of which can help keep location costs down.

TSP commercial photography covers the needs of a wide range of clients across the UK. As an established studio, over the years there are not many types of photoshoots we haven’t completed.

I have had the honour of working with a vast range of people, companies, celebrities and organisations.

Our forte is creating a relaxed shoot atmosphere and capturing personalities. In a world where image sells, TSP Studio is one of the UK’s most trusted and sought after portrait specialists in the corporate sector. I specialise in corporate and actors head shots, portfolio and bio shoots

As you can see from my portfolio, I excel in product and advertising photography. I work with businesses of all sizes, creating promotional and branding images to the needs and specifications of our clients.

I also have the pleasure in covering a vast range of events for theatre productions, live bands, libraries and festivals.

Give me information about your commercial photography brief and the opportunity, and I will work with you to more than acheive those goals.