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November 24, 2020

Its been a testing time for food premises, some have been planning ahead and sorting out their website and social media whilst in lockdown. Here are some examples of some of my lockdown food photography.

Please get in touch to chat through your requirements.

manchester food photographer
food photography
garlic bulb
pizza photography
italian food photography
saddleworth food photographer
floating food photography

October 28, 2020
Food Production Photography
Food warehouse photograph
Muntons malt manufacturers

Food Manufacturing photography at Muntons

Recently I spent a week in Suffolk shooting for the biggest company that you have never heard of. Muntons PLC supply malts, malt extracts, home-brew kits, flours and flakes to the food and drinks industry. They supply to a huge amount of breweries all over the world and are the malt in Maltesers, Horlicks, Sarsons Vinegar, Shreddies etc etc.

As is often the case when in the workplace these are real workers doing their jobs so you don’t get long to photograph them and often to be honest the people aren’t generally thrilled to have their photo taken! Muntons folk were slightly different however as everyone was really friendly, people who worked there were clearly passionate and knowledgeable about their product and were proud to work at Muntons.

The Art of Editorial Photography

To shoot images like this you have to build up a rapport with the subject quickly to make them feel at ease. Wherever possible I like to control the lighting too, it’s what raises a set of images like this above what a good amateur can do. So most off these images are shot using Nikon Speedlight flash or a Rotolight Led light.

Food production photographer
Editorial Photographer Manchester
Muntons Stowmarket
fork lift truck moving
malt production
industrial food production
muntons plc
TSP Studios

October 27, 2020
Lockdown photography

Saddleworth in Lockdown

These Saddleworth images were taken during the Covid 19 outbreak at weekends around the villages of Saddleworth. Saddleworth and particularly Uppermill have a vibrant nightlife with many people enjoying the various pubs in the evenings. These images really are a stark contrast to the ‘normal’ weekend night in the area.

Newspaper article/write up

Please click HERE for a great write up by Simon Smedley at the Oldham Chronicle

Tim’s portrait and wedding images can be seen HERE

Night time photography
lockdown photography
covid 19 photography
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saddleworth at night
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lockdown photography

June 15, 2020

Here’s a small selection of images documenting a morning with Donkeystone Brewery. They are a craft brewery and it was so great to get in amongst the brewing process. these guys really love what they do, it was good to see.

Brewery photography
brewer portait
donkeystone brewery
brewery photographer
manchester commercial photographer
advertising photographer manchester

Just recently I was lucky enough to be shooting some car photography in Manchester and Sussex.

Theres lots more car photographs to come and some very lovely and exotic cars they are too. To be going on with we have some real world affordable fun cars before the more exotic car photography starts

There certainly a degree of fun to be had harnessed in the back of a van, sharing the space with portable studio flash, travelling along not at much speed but it kind of feels like it.

Car photographer manchester
Automotive photographer

I’m lucky enough to be able to shoot a lot of my photography in and around Saddleworth. This shoot was for Olivia Jade, a talented make up artist. This fashion shoot was at Dovestones Nature Reserve and was inspired by the film ‘Where the wild things are’.

The brief was natural images to go with the natural understated make up (natural make up is hard to do). I used the natural light supplemented by flash. It was a winters day and quite dull so I used the flash to bring a bit of pop to the images. I employ the backlighting technique quite often. We have to replicate the sun here in Manchester. This technique involves flash units with one to the rear with a warm orange gel on to give that lovely warm feeling.

Jasmin the middle was brilliant too, its good to work with talented models, to be honest it makes my job a lot more easy.


February 19, 2020

Head Shot Photography Manchester

I have been shooting a lot of head shot photography just recently. I do like it when we can get away from the plain background studio type shot like this head shot for Linkedin. Headshots like this are always a bit more natural. I do shoot studio head shots, scroll down for examples and se which fits your brief better.

Linkedin Head Shot Photography
Linking profile photography
Famale professional head shot
Manchester corporate head shots photographer

January 20, 2020

Music Photographer Manchester

band photographer Manchester
Callow Youth

I always enjoy working with creative music type folks. Expect to se this double exposure shot on Callow Youth‘s soon to be released single also on their gig posters. Check them out I think they are the best up and coming band in Manchester

June 17, 2019

Fashion Photography Manchester

mens fashion photographer Manchester
fashion photography

There is a fab Mens fashion magazine called Proper around at the moment (available from all good magazine shops etc etc). I recently got the request from dave of the great mens fashion store Common Ilk to take some shots of him for a feature the mag are running about him. readers of my blog may remember I shot their website when they first started out and big things have happened to then since then.

June 17, 2019