This professional headshot photography brief was to photograph and edit 30 Human Rights Lawyers in Manchester, each person needed 2 different styles of image. Aside from this I was to cover a meeting on the day and to photograph the new premises inside and out.

All in a days Work

All this professional headshot photography was done in one day. So if you need a new professional look for your website please get in touch. With proper planning you would be surprised just how much can be achieved in one day. My rate for this job was £270. HERE is their website.corporate head shot Manchester corporate head shot photography Manchester head shot photography Manchester corporate head shot photography head shot photography Manchester business head shot photography solicitors head shot photography Manchester interior photography Manchester interior photography Manchester

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Just recently a Community/Methodist building in Manchester called The Salt Cellar contacted me regarding architectural photography. It’s a great architectural building that they are trying to make the most of, hence some professional architectural  images.

Mixing Daylight and Flash Photography

To show off the building to its best I used a mix of the available daylight and some powerful battery flash units. This is a professional technique that is often used when shooting architectural photography.

Some Lovely Feedback

It is our absolute pleasure to write this recommendation for Tim Simpson and TSP Studios. Tim came
to the Salt Cellar with the challenge of capturing not only our building and facilities, but our ethos
and values.
After our initial briefing, just a few hours on site and the reprographic work completed in the studio,
Tim presented the Salt Cellar with a fabulous portfolio of stunning images.
We thoroughly enjoyed working with Tim, and came to know him as a truly creative asset with
extensive photography experience. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond
that, he is an impressive problem solver who seems always able to address tricky requests with
strategy and confidence. Tim is someone who is inspired by challenges, and never intimidated by
Without a doubt, and with firsthand experience, we confidently recommend Tim to fulfil your
organisational photography needs – be it architecture, products or people. With boundless energy,
photographic talent and as a dedicated and all-around great person, Tim would be a beneficial
addition to any organisation’s photographic project needs.

Management Team
The Salt Cellar, Oldham

diners at the salt cellar

architectural photography manchester

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April 30, 2018

Sometimes when you look at an image you have no idea how much work has gone into it. Why should you just so long as it’s a good architectural image, so I though I’d describe how and why I took this image.

This is one architectural image from a series I took of a house that had been up for sale for quite a while without selling. It’s quite an expensive house so the owners though that spending £200 on professional photographs to help sell their house was a good prospect . It worked too, within a few weeks of the photos going online the house had sold.

Just this one image is 5 images compiled together. Parts of the kitchen were very bright and others very dark. For example on the viewers side of the island it was very dark so this is lit with a flash. On the other side of the kitchen where the windows are it was very bright this needed to be a completely different exposure, as with the room at the side this needed lighting with flash. All these images are then balanced and put together to create one evenly lit pleasing image.

This was done in all rooms of the house (not so many images comped together) and this presented a lovely looking well lit house.

interior photography Manchester

Architectural photography manchester

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