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November 24, 2020

Just recently I was lucky enough to be shooting some car photography in Manchester and Sussex.

Theres lots more car photographs to come and some very lovely and exotic cars they are too. To be going on with we have some real world affordable fun cars before the more exotic car photography starts

There certainly a degree of fun to be had harnessed in the back of a van, sharing the space with portable studio flash, travelling along not at much speed but it kind of feels like it.

Car photographer manchester
Automotive photographer

Automotive Photography

The new Lambretta racing team Scootopia were  in need of some  creative automotive publicity shots and came to me.  I thought this light painting technique would look pretty spectacular.

If you are not familiar with light painting its photographic technique involving long exposure with the ‘painting’ part of using torches or other light sources, this image was taken using wire wool on fire. Its a single exposure with no Photoshop, all done in camera.

Publicity Shots

This image of a racing Lambretta, taken at Mallory Park was for the newly formed Scootopia Racing Team. It has been used as a cover shot for a magazine and also appears on the front of a bottle of a new 2 stroke oil.

I have also shot several racing films for the team, take a look at those HERE

If you are in need of creative automotive publicity shots in Manchester or the UK please get in touch .


automotive photography

Snooper are a worldwide company who supply dash cameras, radar detection and satellite navigation for professional drivers. They came to me for creative automotive product photography.

All shot in a day

Again like many campaigns in this current climate, budget was an issue. This whole shoot including editing was completed in a day. The following are a small selection of the images. One of the challenges for this Snooper creative automotive product photography campaign was lighting of the inside of the car/van. This needed to be balanced  to balance the light inside the vehicle with the daylight outside and still give a natural look and to highlight the products.




car interior photography
product photography Manchester
satellite navigation photograph
product photography Saddleworth
commercial photographer Manchester
automotive product photography
product photography Manchester
cut out product photography
product photography Manchester

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