Here’s a small selection of images documenting a morning with Donkeystone Brewery. They are a craft brewery and it was so great to get in amongst the brewing process. these guys really love what they do, it was good to see.

Brewery photography
brewer portait
donkeystone brewery
brewery photographer
manchester commercial photographer
advertising photographer manchester

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wilson McGladdery this great folk duo a few times for their music publicity shots. The first shot was taken during what we photographers call ‘The Golden Hour” , I think you can probably see why. I really love working with artists and musicians. So if its’s a Creative Music Photographer in Manchester you need please get in touch.

Are you a Manchester unsigned band?

I have been involved in the Manchester Music Scene for a long time now. Alongside my photography career I’ve managed bands, put music events on and DJ’d all over the city. I know how hard it is to get anywhere in the music industry and as an up and coming band you are making no money. So if you are after some band publicity shots in Manchester or the wider area please get in touch I will try to accommodate any budget, It’s one of my favourite things to do and it not all about the money. I’d like to think I understand bands and what is required from music publicity images



creative band photography
due at the bar of the old bell in delph
band photography Manchester

Automotive Photography

The new Lambretta racing team Scootopia were  in need of some  creative automotive publicity shots and came to me.  I thought this light painting technique would look pretty spectacular.

If you are not familiar with light painting its photographic technique involving long exposure with the ‘painting’ part of using torches or other light sources, this image was taken using wire wool on fire. Its a single exposure with no Photoshop, all done in camera.

Publicity Shots

This image of a racing Lambretta, taken at Mallory Park was for the newly formed Scootopia Racing Team. It has been used as a cover shot for a magazine and also appears on the front of a bottle of a new 2 stroke oil.

I have also shot several racing films for the team, take a look at those HERE

If you are in need of creative automotive publicity shots in Manchester or the UK please get in touch .


automotive photography

Snooper are a worldwide company who supply dash cameras, radar detection and satellite navigation for professional drivers. They came to me for creative automotive product photography.

All shot in a day

Again like many campaigns in this current climate, budget was an issue. This whole shoot including editing was completed in a day. The following are a small selection of the images. One of the challenges for this Snooper creative automotive product photography campaign was lighting of the inside of the car/van. This needed to be balanced  to balance the light inside the vehicle with the daylight outside and still give a natural look and to highlight the products.




car interior photography
product photography Manchester
satellite navigation photograph
product photography Saddleworth
commercial photographer Manchester
automotive product photography
product photography Manchester
cut out product photography
product photography Manchester

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I’ve had the please recently of photographing a few times in the various Vets4Pets, Leeds. as ever with these things you have to be swift, you don’t get the luxury of time and working with models like you would on an advertising shoot. The vets were great though and really got into the spirit of things, they really got what the finished image would look like and did great job of posing with the animals. it was good to see behind the scenes too, a real professional set up.

vets head shots


publicity photography Manchester
vets 4 pets
vet head shot photography

Sometimes when you look at an image you have no idea how much work has gone into it. Why should you just so long as it’s a good architectural image, so I though I’d describe how and why I took this image.

This is one architectural image from a series I took of a house that had been up for sale for quite a while without selling. It’s quite an expensive house so the owners though that spending £200 on professional photographs to help sell their house was a good prospect . It worked too, within a few weeks of the photos going online the house had sold.

Just this one image is 5 images compiled together. Parts of the kitchen were very bright and others very dark. For example on the viewers side of the island it was very dark so this is lit with a flash. On the other side of the kitchen where the windows are it was very bright this needed to be a completely different exposure, as with the room at the side this needed lighting with flash. All these images are then balanced and put together to create one evenly lit pleasing image.

This was done in all rooms of the house (not so many images comped together) and this presented a lovely looking well lit house.

interior photography Manchester

Architectural photography manchester

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You wouldn’t believe how cold it was when we shot these Peaky Blinders images however with a bit of creative lighting and warm coats our lovely models saved the day.


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January 9, 2018

The following are 2 very different images from book cover shoots. The first is for a teenagers book who’s working title is “Suicide Angel”. The light painting from this images is done with torches in the dark. Its a great effect but doesn’t half take a lot of practice.

The second is for .

This image was lit by 2 large portable studio flash, it’s quite dark inside a car so the image needs careful lighting to make the image pop.


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December 19, 2017

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing the iconic Oldham Art Gallery and Library designed by Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects

It was for a calendar of the seasons and the building, getting up at 5 in the morning  many times to get the right shot was fun, on my own wandering round the deserted town centre was lovely. It got me thinking about a personal project that I have since started, watch this space!


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September 11, 2017