Automotive Photography

The new Lambretta racing team Scootopia were  in need of some  creative automotive publicity shots and came to me.  I thought this light painting technique would look pretty spectacular.

If you are not familiar with light painting its photographic technique involving long exposure with the ‘painting’ part of using torches or other light sources, this image was taken using wire wool on fire. Its a single exposure with no Photoshop, all done in camera.

Publicity Shots

This image of a racing Lambretta, taken at Mallory Park was for the newly formed Scootopia Racing Team. It has been used as a cover shot for a magazine and also appears on the front of a bottle of a new 2 stroke oil.

I have also shot several racing films for the team, take a look at those HERE

If you are in need of creative automotive publicity shots in Manchester or the UK please get in touch .


automotive photography

Our team is a few races into this years BSSO championship racing a classic Lambretta and as motorsport tends to be it been ups and downs. Mostly ups though because even a bad weekend doing this is a brilliant weekend.The first image is of me and the rest of the motorsport photographs are by me. I love taking photos and racing so you could say these are just the perfect weekend for me. If you are involved in transport in any way and need some publicity and or website images shooting give me a call.

If anyone is thinking “you can’t race a scooter’ one Casa Lambretta’s (an Italian team who competed in our championship last year) riders last year was only half a second off the outright lap record at Lydon Hill and at Mallory Park this year a group 4 rider (not the fastest group) was 4 seconds off Kevin Schwantz’s time on a 500cc Grand Prix bike!

tim simpson lambretta

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