Its been a testing time for food premises, some have been planning ahead and sorting out their website and social media whilst in lockdown. Here are some examples of some of my lockdown food photography.

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October 28, 2020

Here’s a small selection of images documenting a morning with Donkeystone Brewery. They are a craft brewery and it was so great to get in amongst the brewing process. these guys really love what they do, it was good to see.

Brewery photography
brewer portait
donkeystone brewery
brewery photographer
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Snooper are a worldwide company who supply dash cameras, radar detection and satellite navigation for professional drivers. They came to me for creative automotive product photography.

All shot in a day

Again like many campaigns in this current climate, budget was an issue. This whole shoot including editing was completed in a day. The following are a small selection of the images. One of the challenges for this Snooper creative automotive product photography campaign was lighting of the inside of the car/van. This needed to be balanced  to balance the light inside the vehicle with the daylight outside and still give a natural look and to highlight the products.




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